Chimney Repairs

Due to their location chimney's are poorly protected from the elements and will often prove to be the cause of roof leaks. Chimney repairs represent a large part of our job; this is because several common problems affect this area of your roof.

What are the signs?

Often the signs of a failing chimney will be quite evident and will typically include water marks on chimney breasts and upstairs ceilings. Usually, the stains will be brown in colour.

What goes wrong?

Roof joins, and seams are prone to leaking. The joins around your chimney are no exception to this rule, over time weathering leads to a breakdown in the lead or zinc flashings around your chimney.

Other common problems include a gradual decline in the mortar between the bricks in your chimney stack. The flaunching that holds the chimney pots in place is another common area in need of repair.

How can we help?

Over the years our team has completed numerous chimney repairs in Canterbury and the surrounding area. We carry out repairs to all the common areas of the chimney.

Typically chimney repairs can be completed quickly and should the need arise our team have the skills needed to rebuild your chimney stack.

What about the cost?

Chimney repairs will vary in price. However, a repair is cost effective in the long run as acting fast will save you substantial repair bills further down the line.

Should you have any questions regarding our chimney repair service feel free to get in touch site surveys are free.

We are based in Canterbury and cover the complete CT Postcode area including; Whitstable, Herne Bay, Thanet, Dover, and Fokestone.

We also  cover the wider Kent area.

Chimney Repairs Canterbury